Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Surveyor integrate its own GNSS system?

A: Surveyor does not include a GNSS device, but SonarView integrates and logs GNSS data from external devices.

Q: What GNSS external devices are supported?

A: With BlueOS based vehicles, SonarView connects via MAVLINK2REST to collect and integrate vehicle position and heading information.

A: GNSS devices with NMEA output are also supported. Device interfaces are defined in a config file.

Q: Does Surveyor have an IMU?

A: Surveyor has a built-in IMU for roll and pitch compensation. Heading information is supplied by the vehicle (BlueOS/MAVLINK2REST or NMEA). Surveyor also has a compass which we might support in the future, but we think best to use the vehicle's heading information.

Q: Does Surveyor export point cloud data?

A: Yes, but specific export formats are still TBD.

Q: When will the Surveyor 240-16 be available for purchase.

A: Summer 2024.

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