The S500 is a multipurpose single-beam echosounder. It can be used as an altimeter for ROVs and AUVs, for bathymetry work aboard a USV, as an obstacle avoidance sonar, and other underwater distance measurement applications.

The S500 implements CHIRP modulation, which sends a varying frequency ultrasonic pulse. The advantages of CHIRP include better signal to noise ratio, and higher range resolution than non-CHIRP devices.

The S500 can report a simple distance measurement, or It can also provide the full signal profile for display as a "waterfall" plot like the display of a fish finder. Raw signal strength data profiles can also be provided for advanced analysis in technical applications.

The S500 uses a high frequency 500 kHz transducer giving about 5 degrees beam width for ROV and AUV altimeter and bathymetry applications. It has a measurement range of over 100 meters. A bottom-tracking algorithm runs on the device to determine the distance to the seafloor.

Three communication interfaces include Ethernet (100Mb/sec), USB (12Mb/sec), and 3.3-5.0V serial (115kbaud).

What's in the box

  • 1x S500 Control Board

  • 1x Transducer with one meter cable (1 shield + 2 signal wires) and installed JST GH connector

  • 1x 2-wire power cable with installed JST GH connector (60 cm)

  • 1x extra 3-conductor JST GH connector

  • 1x Oil-Resistant Buna O-Ring (McMaster-Carr part-number 9452K94)

  • 1x Postcard with Link and QR code to online documentation

SonarView App

Cerulean SonarView supports the S500 for waterfall display over the Ethernet, USB or serial interfaces. SonarView also supports S500 firmware update and IP address setting over the Ethernet interface.

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