Sounder Instructions for Penetrator

For some applications of the Sounder, a penetrator will be required. We recommend an M10 Cable Penetrator for 6mm Cable available through Blue Robotics. To pass the cable through the penetrator, the JST-GH 3-pin connector will need to be removed and re-installed once the cable is through the penetrator. Instructions on how to do this are as follows.

Pry up on the tabs of the JST connector with a sharp object such as a hobby knife

Gently pull each of the three wires individually

Bend the tabs of the JST connector back down to their original position with the sharp object

Pass the cable through the penetrator

Replace each wire into the reused JST connector. Pin 1 is Shield (skinnier black wire), Pin 2 is White, and Pin 3 is Black

Ensure each wire does not come out of the JST connector when gently pulled on

• If the wire comes out, the tab can be bent back down farther and the wire reinserted.

• If the wires just won’t stay in the re-used connector, a replacement connector has been provided.

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