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CeruleanTracker is a Windows application that works with multiple Cerulean Software sonar products, including the Cerulean ROV Locator and the Cerulean DVL-75. It replaces the ROV Locator Windows App, the DVL Console App, and the Cerulean Companion interface to the Blue Robotics ROV Companion software.
Note: When used with a DVL-75, CeruleanTracker is driven by the DVL-75’s $DVEXT output message. If you suppress $DVEXT CeruleanTracker will not operate as expected. The DVL is shipped with $DVEXT turned off.
Note: CeruleanTracker will warn you if $DVEXT is suppressed if you connect by Ethernet. If you connect by serial it will not warn you.
Note: Only one instance of CeruleanTracker can run on a PC at any given time. Serial devices on Windows can only connect to one application at a time; thus, a GPS PC app cannot be connected to a Topside GPS while CeruleanTracker is connected to it.
CeruleanTracker is designed to remember its settings after closing and re-opening. To restore CeruleanTracker to default settings, delete the CeruleanTrackerSettings file in the Users > (user) > Appdata > Local > CeruleanSonar folder. This should seldom be necessary. If window positions are mostly or entirely off-screen, such as when using a laptop inside with an external monitor and then taking the laptop out in the boat, window positions will be reset to default automatically.

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