The Omniscan 450 comes in two models, the FS (forward scanning), and SS (side scanning). This manual covers both models. Note that although the model designations indicate Forward and Side scanning, in reality either one can be used for either application. The real difference is in the transducer and the packaging.

The Omniscan 450 FS pictured below is fully packaged in its own enclosure housing the transducer and the electronics module. 100m and 300m enclosures are available.

The Omniscan 450 SS pictured below has a separate transducer and electronics module. The transducer is 50% longer than the FS which gives a narrower beam and longer range. It is rated at 300m. The electronics module must be housed in the user's water tight enclosure.

What's in the Box

Omniscan 450 FS

  • Omniscan 450 FS unit with 1m ethernet cable terminated in 4-pin JST GH (compatible with Blue Robotics Ethernet Switch) with separate power and ground connections.

  • 4-pin JST GH to RJ45 (female) Adapter

  • 4-pin JST GH to 4-pin JST GH Adapter

  • 4-pin JST GH extension cable (200mm)

Omniscan 450 SS

  • Omniscan 450 SS Transducer with 1m shielded cable.

  • Omniscan 450 electronics module

  • 1m ethernet cable with 4-pin JST GH connectors (compatible with Blue Robotics Ethernet Switch). Cable also has another pair of wires for supplying power.

  • 4-pin JST GH to RJ45 (female) Adapter


The Omniscan 450 is designed for use with Cerulean SonarView:

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