After connecting to the Ping360 you should see a screen that looks like this:

To disconnect a device, click the menu icon on the top left (the oval with the 3 dots), then select Disconnect.

Ping360 Device Controls

  • Start and Stop enable or disable the sonar pinging.

  • Range is set manually with the slider.

  • Sector Width controls the angular width of the scanned sector from 60 to a full 360 degrees.

  • Sector Center Angle sets angle of the center of the scanned sector.

  • Gain sets the signal amplification level in the Ping360 electronics. There are 3 gain levels.

  • Save To File when checked causes the Ping360 scanning data to be saved to the computer's hard drive. This is highly recommended. These files can be replayed later for subsequent inspection.

Ping360 Display Controls

These user items control the display settings. Not to be confused with "device settings," these controls adjust how the sonar data is processed and displayed. These controls can be used "live" while the sonar is running as well as during the replay of saved sonar files.

  • Contrast and Brightness are roughly what they seem though the names are not to be taken literally. For strong signals, like nearby dock pilings, a high contrast setting works best, using the brightness to control how much of the weaker signals are displayed. For weaker signals, a low contrast and low brightness may be better.

  • Range Boost: This adjusts the amount of "range compensation" applied to the signal. Settings toward the left "Near" end cause nearer echoes to be emphasized (1/R scaling), whereas setting toward the right "Far" end amplify echoes at further range more (1/R^4 scaling).

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