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SonarView runs under macOS and is a Universal application. It will run natively on Intel based Macs as well as on the new Apple Silicon based Macs.


From Safari, choose the file and Safari will download it for you and unzip the file and place the app in your Downloads folder by default.
Safari will show you this if you click the down arrow in the circle after the app is downloaded.
From there, you can click the hourglass in Safari and it will open Finder with the SonarView app displayed to you. Drag the application from there into your Applications folder. Once in the Applications folder, you may right-click or control-click to open the submenu and select Open.
Applications Folder - Right Click on SonarView
The first time you attempt to open the file, macOS will complain with this dialog. Simply hit cancel.
Then right-click or control-click the SonarView application again and macOS will present this dialog.
Simply click Open from here.
Then the registration screen is presented to you.
SonarView App Registration
Enter your email and hit return or press the Send button. A one-time registration code will be emailed to you and you can enter it on the next screen presented to you. Once registration is complete, the app will go into Device Discovery mode on the next page.
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