Windows Home version will go to some lengths to discourage you from running a downloaded exe file. Windows Pro version will be more straightforward. Most of the warnings discussed here apply to the Windows Home version. In addition to all the warnings you will see below, Windows Home may insert a ~30 second delay while it scans the file after the file downloads before you will be able to run it. You can use some of this time to click through the warnings.

Chrome browser

If you see this one (Chrome), click the arrow and select "Keep."

In spite of this, you may still get this error when attempting to run the .exe file.

If you do, wait a minute or two and try again.

Edge Browser

When the download completes you may see warnings looking like the one below. Mouse over this warning and click on the "..." icon, then click "Keep."

Then you will see this warning. Click on "Show more"

Then click on "Keep anyway."

Running SonarView-x.x.x.exe

Once we get through the browser warnings, and when the 30 second delay has expired, we can run the file. You may run it directly from the Downloads directory, or move it to a convenient place of your choice. The first time it runs you will get one more set of warnings.

Click "More info" on the first screen, then "Run anyway" on the second.

Now the app will install itself. Then the registration screen is presented to you.

Enter your email and hit return or press the Send button. A one-time registration code will be emailed to you and you can enter it on the next screen presented to you. Once registration is complete, the app will go into Device Discovery mode on the next page.

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