Fundamentals Useful to System Designers

This section has information to help you decide if one of our ROVL systems will work for you, and how to get the most from your ROVL system.

We're going to talk about all the things that can go wrong with sonar systems, and at the end of this, you're going to wonder if there's a snowflake's chance in hell of getting your ROVL system working. Despite all the possible challenges, most ROVL systems work as expected right out of the box. The information in this section is included to help troubleshoot systems in the minority of cases where there are issues, and help you design more robust systems if you are trying something unique or an application we haven't foreseen.

This explanation in this section is extremely simplified. The field of acoustics is quite complex and is far beyond the scope of a user manual. However, the concepts presented here are fairly straightforward and will get you a long way toward having a useful localization system.

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