General Specifications Mk III

Maximum Depth Exposure (minimum crush depth)

300 m (Transponder), 50m (Transceiver)

Volume, Transceiver Unit


Mass, Transceiver Unit


Volume, Transponder Unit


Mass, Transponder Unit


Absolute Maximum Range

300 m

Typical Usable Range

300 m

Apparent Yaw/Azimuth resolution


Apparent Elevation angle resolution


Slant range measurement resolution

0.1 m

IMU Euler angle accuracy, typical (magnetic errors not included)

Update rate

1 Hz

Transceiver Ping Frequency

25 kHz

Transponder Ping Frequency

25 kHz

Transceiver V-in power (see note)

5 to 16V

2.5W average, 3.5W peak @5V DC

2.1W average, 3.3W peak @12V DC

Transponder V-in power (see note)

4.5V to 28V

1.7W average 2.9W peak @5V DC

1.3W average, 4.1W peak @16V DC

Serial Comms Voltage Levels

3.3V TTL or

5V TTL, auto sense

Note: Power supplies for both units must be able to supply burst currents to prevent drop-out and erratic operation. While the transmitter will work with a low impedance 5V supply we recommend using 9V or higher, unless you know how to figure out if your 5V power supply is low-enough impedance.

Note: Resolution ≠ Accuracy!

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