Application Settings

When a setting is changed from the default, the blue Reset button will appear to the right (see the Mute setting in the above image). Clicking this will restore that particular setting to the default.

General Settings

  • Mute

    • Mute all audio output from SonarView

  • Auto Update

    • Allow SonarView to update itself automatically

    • This setting requires restarting the app to take effect

  • Tooltips

    • Display helpful tips when hovering over interface elements

  • Reverse Zoom

    • Affects the direction of the mouse wheel for zoom in/out

Vehicle Settings

  • Vehicle IP address and MAVLINK port

    • If your vehicle supports MAVLINK protocol, you can set the vehicle's IP address and MAVLINK port here. Defaults are the standard BlueOS settings

    • If available, Omniscan will use the vehicle's position and attitude information

  • SonarLink IP address

    • SonarLink is a component of the SonarView app that handles all functions can't run in a browser. In the normal Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions, SonarLink is part of the application and so the SonarLink IP address should be set to localhost or SonarLink can also run externally (typically in the vehicle) however, and in that case you can specify the IP address here.

  • Enable Serial Devices

    • If enabled, SonarView will probe any serial ports that it can open to try to detect a connected device.

    • Serial devices Ping sounder and Ping360 are routed over ethernet by BlueOS, so Enable Serial Devices is not required for them.

    • S500 has an optional serial interface and also a USB interface which mimics a serial device. If using either of these this setting must be enabled.

  • Logfile Save Path

    • If you prefer a specific path for saving log files other than the (platform dependent) default path, you may specify it here.

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