Device Controls

Basic Controls

  • Start/Stop button starts and stops pinging. The button label toggles to indicate the current state.

  • Range sets the maximum distance that will be displayed.

  • Doppler enabled Doppler Motion Tracking mode. More information.

  • Record toggle enables automatic saving to a SonarView log file.

Advanced Controls

The default values of these controls are recommended for normal operation, but these are available for special circumstances.

  • Gain and Auto Gain is disabled if the Auto Gain toggle is active. When disabled, it indicates the gain setting that is being set by the auto gain algorithm. Auto gain mode is recommended for most circumstances.

  • Profile Resolution sets the number of data points returned in each ping. 600 is a good number with regard to transmission efficiency because this is the largest number for which the return fits in a single Ethernet packet. If data bandwidth is a concern, don't go over 600. Normally the maximum level 1200 is fine.

  • Pulse Length sets the duration of the transmitted pulse as a percentage of the round trip time of flight of the ping at the current range setting.

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