Replaying Saved Sonar Files

Replaying Saved Sonar Files

When SonarView is operating "live" with one of the supported devices, you may elect to save the data to be replayed later. Note that this is not automatic, but there is a "Record" toggle available in each of the device controls. When this is enabled, all data will be saved to your user's Documents folder, or to the location you have specified in Settings.

Clicking the Replay Log File button or icon opens a file dialog with which you may select previously saved SonarView log files.

When the file is opened, SonarView will automatically detect the type of sonar from the data in the file and will open the appropriate view module. The Replay controls will be displayed at the left side of the window.

The Position control will set the position in the file so you can go back to view a particular selection. Speed adjusts the replay rate. Note that files can be played back much faster than they occur in real time. This can be handy for scanning through the data to quickly find the interesting bits.

The Display Controls are displayed on the right sided of the window. These vary depending on the device. Here for example are the Display Controls for the Omniscan 450.

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