The Tracker 650 is designed for low-cost, medium accuracy measurement of the relative velocity between the sensor head and any planar surface, e.g., a seabed, a seawall, or a barge bottom. The system provides velocity (or delta position plus time) outputs in the ROV frame of reference as well as raw sensor data that can be used in a user's Kalman filter.

This system is designed and priced for use by people who want their ROV to hold a position in the face of currents or tether pull. It can also be used as the odometry sensor in a dead-reckoning system.

If all you want is position hold and you are mounting the Tracker 650 on a BlueROV2 with appropriate software, then you can mount the sensor on the bottom of the ROV, connect it to power and ROV Ethernet, and set the ArduPilot parameters to allow position hold. You don't need to set its configuration or calibrate anything.

A secondary capability is using the Tracker 650 to support your own Kalman filter localization function or to do dead-reckoning navigation using your own orientation reference.

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