General Specifications


Maximum Depth Rating

300 m

Device Diameter

108 mm

Device Height

48 mm

Weight in Air

550 g

Weight in Water

135 g

Maximum Operating Height (above target plane)*

25 - 50 m

Minimum Operating Height**

50 cm

Maximum Operating Speed***

5 kts

Number of velocity sensors


Sensor down-angle from horizonal

70 degrees

Angular Operating Envelope, Degrees off vertical

0 to 10 degrees

Ping Frequency

675 kHz

Ping Repetition Rate

5 – 20 Hz

V-in power Voltage Min and Max

10V to 30V DC

V-in power average

(power averaged over 1 second)

2.5 Watts average

V-in Power, peak (largest current spike during operation irrespective of voltage)

5 Watts

Ethernet support****

10/100 Mbps

Serial Comms Voltage Levels****

3.3V TTL or

5V TTL, auto-sense

Serial parameters, default****

115,200, 8 , N, 1

*Achieved maximum height is dependent on several variables, including tilt of the sensor head, flatness of the target plane, hardness of the target plane, vegetation cover on the target plane, and salinity. On a hard-bottom body of water such as Minnesota's Lake Superior, we regularly achieve 50 meters. On a muck-bottom lake such as Minnesota's Lake Minnetonka, we sometimes struggle to get 30 meters.

**Assuming the sensor head is oriented parallel to the target surface.

***Maximum speed may vary with height above target plane.

****The recommended interface is Ethernet. Serial interface is possible with a user-supplied custom cable. Some features, such as mavlink2rest communication, are lost when using serial.

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