Blue Robotics Discovery Protocol (Ethernet Only)

Discovery protocol is used to find the Tracker 650 on an Ethernet network if you don’t know or can’t remember its IP address and/or the IP address you set for the host.

A Discovery Request is sent by the host computer to the DVL as an ASCII-encoded broadcast UDP packet to IP address using port 30303. Any devices using this protocol will respond with a Discovery Response message. The body of the Discovery Request packet contains the following text (without the quotation marks):


Example Discovery Request:


The Discovery Response message is sent as an ASCII-encoded unicast UDP packet from the DVL to the host computer in response to a Discovery Request. The message is defined as follows:

"TRACKER 650" + <CR><LF> +

"Cerulean Sonar" + <CR><LF> +

"MAC Address:- " + <MAC Address> + <CR><LF> +

"IP Address:- " + <IP Address> + <CR><LF>

"Port:- " + <Port Number> + <CR><LF>

Example reply (using C/C++ string escape character syntax):

SONAR DPH\r\nCerulean Sonar\r\n (no line break)

MAC Address:-00-12-A4-56-FB-01\r\n (no line break)

IP Address:-\r\n (no line break)


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