The configuration command causes the DVL to send its current configuration as a $DVNVM message followed by zero or more freeform ASCII-formatted lines. Any line sent to the DVL that starts with a question mark ‘?’ is also treated as a configuration command.




Example response (line breaks added for clarity, checksum '59' simulated):

=========== Tracker 650 ============ 

$DVNVM,Model=Tracker 650,Static IP address=,Fallback IP address=,
Host IP address=,MAVlink IP address=,
DVKFC messages=ON,Speed of sound=1484.0,Velocity adjustment=1.000,
DVPDL messages=OFF,DVPDX messages=ON,MAVlink send distance=ON,Firmware=Jun 15 2023,*59

MAVlink status: Disabled due to fatal connection error

Baseline IMU connected
Ethernet link is UP
Got DHCP reply TRUE
Using local IP address
Using host IP address
Static local IP address:
Declination set to 5.1
Coordinate frame mode = WORLD

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