$DVNVM Non-Volatile Memory and Configuration

The $DVNVM message is sent in response to a configuration request. It is an ASCII NMEA-formatted packet. It contains the $DVNVM message ID, followed by comma-separated key-value pairs. See the example below, to which we have introduced line breaks for readability (the actual messages do not have internal line breaks).

While we try not to change keywords (actually, "key phrases"), we do not guarantee all pairs will remain in all future software updates. Note that no key phrase or value will contain commas.


$DVNVM,Model=Tracker 650,Static IP address=,
Fallback IP address=,Host IP address=,
MAVlink IP address=,DVKFC messages=ON,
Speed of sound=1484.0,Velocity adjustment=1.000,DVPDL messages=OFF,
DVPDX messages=ON,Mounting position=BOTTOM,Mounting arrow=FORWARD,
MAVlink send distance=ON,Firmware=Jun 15 2023,
Channel=DPH Channel: freq:675676: f/w:Jun 14 2023*FF

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