Mounting the Tracker 650

This section describes the various ways of mounting the Tracker 650.

The Tracker 650 can be mounted from either the sensor side or from the back of the case. The typical and default mounting configuration has the Tracker 650 on the bottom of an ROV with the arrow pointing forward and the sensors facing down. If possible, you want to avoid having the Tracker 650 projecting below the bottom of the ROV so it is less likely to be damaged by collisions or rough handling.

The Tracker 650 can also be mounted on the top facing up, either side facing out, on the bow pointed forward or the stern facing aft. In all mounting positions, the case can be clocked at intervals of 90 degrees to simplify cable routing. If you choose a mounting position that is not the default mounting face and arrow direction of (bottom, forward), you either need to tell the Tracker 650 how it is mounted or you need to do a coordinate transform in your own software to convert from sensor coordinates to ROV coordinates. If you are using the MAVLink integration, you must use the SET-SENSOR-ORIENTATION command to do the transform.

In all instances where you are using the built-in coordinate transforms, you want the Tracker 650 mounted as closely as possible to be parallel to the planes of the ROV coordinate system.

Several different mounting configurations are shown in the following sections.

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